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8 most famous Adam Lamberg quotes and sayings. He's a 33 year old American actor born on Sep 14, 1984.

Adam Lamberg Quotes
“I have always wanted to open up a brewery slash goat farm. Brew some beer, make some goat cheese, but that's kinda dreamy.”
“I was kind of the black sheep with the Disney kids. I was uninterested in making friends with most of them. I didn't really fall into 'the Disney mold.' I was more or less the kid hanging out with the crew members and got along with them far better.”
Adam Lamberg Quotes
“Acting is exciting. It is different every time you do it.”
Adam Lamberg Quotes
“I get bored pretty easily and I don't want to get locked down in one profession.”
“Memorising my lines is actually something I do fairly well. I look at it a few times and it is pretty much there. When your shooting on TV, they do it in such a way that it is pretty easy.”
Adam Lamberg Quotes
“I consider myself more of a cultural Jew; I'm not religious in any way.”
Adam Lamberg Quotes
“I like Barrington Leavey; he's the best, and Toots and The Maytals are also the best.”
Adam Lamberg Quotes
“I thought twenty was pretty scary, like, not being able to call myself a teenager anymore, and feeling like an adult - that kind of made me nervous.”

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miss you Adam :) wish you all the best