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Who Is Alan Rickman Dating Right Now?

Alan Rickman's girlfriend was Rima Horton.

Alan Rickman Dating History

Alan Rickman had 1 public relationship dating back to 1977.

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Rima Horton
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Abigail Knight
  @ 11/23/15 at 6:53am PST

Alan Rickman is such an awesome actor and French singer, I have heard him sing before in French and he sounds very sweet. In acting in Harry Potter, as this was my childhood favourite movie and book, Alan as Severus Snape, Snape was my childhood favourite character and I found him rather attractive, strong and handsome. Alan Rickman is my number 1, top of the list favourite male and actor. Severus Snape is still my number 1, top of the list favourite character. Harry Potter is still my number 1, top of the list favourite movie and book and you might not know this, but Alan and I, Abigail Knight have sooo many things in common, it's not even funny.