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Gary Wright quotes and sayings page 3 (74 year old musician). These are the last 10 out of 30 quotes we have for him.

Gary Wright Quotes
“We visited Ravi. We didn't study with him, as such.”
“By the law of averages, there has to be life elsewhere. The universe is so huge, and I don't think God would have created this whole big huge cosmos and just say there's only going to be life on Earth, and that's it.”
“I had no idea 'The Dream Weaver' would be so successful. Everything just fell into place with that album. I pioneered a number of ideas with that album and subsequent tour. The all-keyboard approach with no guitars was a new one, and I was one of the first to use a drum machine in concert. It was an amazing time.”
“I was the first artist, I think, to ever do an all-keyboard album. There were things that resembled it, like Stevie Wonder. A lot of his stuff was on keyboards, but he used brass and he used other things as well. I was the first artist, also, to use drum machines. I was really the one who kind of started that whole thing.”
Gary Wright Quotes
“It's kind of weird. You can have hits, but it's hard to sustain a career. I went through that period where I didn't have a lot of hits, although people were still buying the records.”
Gary Wright Quotes
“Music is an extremely powerful force if used properly to uplift people. I believe music should be uplifting and not downgrading... it's a very, very powerful tool.”
“My goal is really to continue to make music. I really don't make music to have platinum records and all that kind of stuff. I've been there. I do it because I love music, and I love uplifting people through my music. That's my real goal.”
Gary Wright Quotes
“My voice hasn't changed really very much. I still do all my songs when I perform live and still do them in the original keys. I've been blessed with that ability to retain that.”
Gary Wright Quotes
“Sometimes when you make a record and it's not successful, you just don't want to go through that process for a while. You want to have your wounds heal.”
Gary Wright Quotes
“The idea to do the album only on keyboards kind of happened by accident. I was quite happy with the sound and felt it really didn't need more instruments, so I didn't use them.”

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