Brad Falchuk Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Brad Falchuk quotes and sayings. He's a 51 year old American director born on Mar 1, 1971.

Brad Falchuk Quotes
“One of the main pitfalls of any theoretically 'niche' show is that you spend too much time on the 'niche' and not enough time on the 'show.'”
Brad Falchuk Quotes
“Any great character is the combination of a brilliant actor and the right writing.”
“I love it when characters surprise you, just like real people. When I write a scene I just try to make the characters behave in a way that feels natural to them. Sometimes that means they make a left turn and do something unexpected. Those are always the best scenes in my opinion.”
Brad Falchuk Quotes
“Every teenager feels a wanting, a desire for something more, to be heard, to be seen.”
Brad Falchuk Quotes
“The East Coast, and certainly Boston, has a provincial quality to it that makes it harder to bust out and move up. Try to be too different and they'll pull you down.”

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