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6 most famous Brandon Adams quotes and sayings (actor).

Brandon Adams Quotes
“Aim higher. Stay focused.”
Brandon Adams Quotes
“I spent most of my young life in the business and missed out on school events. I needed to be a young person and do what I wanted to do.”
Brandon Adams Quotes
“I was everybody's little boyfriend when I was younger. It's all good. It's just love, you know. I'll take the love. Give it to me.”
Brandon Adams Quotes
“I can sing; I can hold a tune.”
“I grew up in Inglewood, L.A., and South Central. I was always humbled by my situation. I would go on set and come home to my neighborhood and my block to my friends, and it would be a whole other story.”
Brandon Adams Quotes
“It's not the part of being a celebrity that's so attractive to me. It's being recognized for your accomplishments and what you've done... becoming closer to what you want to achieve in life.”

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