David Jolly Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous David Jolly quotes and sayings (politician).

David Jolly Quotes
“Sloan Gibson is doing a great job. We need to give him more power to terminate employees.”
“I say we put a choice card in every veteran's hands to say, 'You choose.' You control your health care. If you want to go to the VA, which most veterans like, go to the VA. But if you want to go outside of the system, here's your choice card. You go outside of the system.”
“The work I have done in private practice has been assisting companies and organizations to work with an incredibly complex federal government. I'm proud of the impact I've had for these organizations, including organizations here in Pinellas County.”
David Jolly Quotes
“I voted to repeal the individual mandate in Obamacare... I think people appreciate the fact that they know where you stand.”
David Jolly Quotes
“My political giving has merely followed my relationships.”

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