Donald Trump Weight Height Ethnicity Hair Color Net Worth

2024 Body stats

Donald Trump weight
275 lbs (124.7 kg)
Donald Trump height
6ft ½ in (184.2 cm)
Donald Trump eye color
Donald Trump hair color
Donald Trump shoe size / feet size
12 US
Donald Trump body type / build

How much is worth?

Donald Trump net worth 2024
$4.5 Billion


Donald Trump full name
Donald John Trump Sr
Donald Trump middle name
Donald Trump nicknames
The Donald,
The Godfather of the Republican Party,
The Lord of the Wall Street Elite,
The Corporate American,
Douche Pope
Donald Trump birthplace
Queens, New York, USA
Donald Trump date of birth
June 14, 1946
Donald Trump age in 2024
Donald Trump zodiac
Donald Trump ethnicity / ethnic background
Donald Trump nationality
Donald Trump religion
Anglican / Episcopalian
Is Donald Trump gay?

Education background

Donald Trump high school
The Kew-Forest School.
New York Military Academy (1964)
Donald Trump college
Fordham University (transferred),
Economics: Finance, University of Pennsylvania (1968)


Donald Trump job
Real Estate
The Apprentice  (2004) $375,000/episode


Donald Trump
Gage Skidmore CC-BY-SA-3.0 [], via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump Rating

Rating: 2.9/5 - 111 votes
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  @ 2/7/18 at 6:25pm PST
Average build? I'd say large.
  @ 12/6/17 at 10:04am PST
I love u Trump
  @ 8/6/17 at 8:49pm PST
"Toupee"? says is not!
Josh Jensen
  @ 7/29/17 at 8:00am PST
275lb is not 90kg, it is more or less 125kg. Also, body type is not "average".
  @ 6/11/17 at 8:08pm PST
Amazing president
  @ 5/20/17 at 10:41pm PST
His hair is blond and no a toupee
  @ 5/2/17 at 2:12pm PST
Everybody just calm down. Give the man a year or two to implement some of his ideas. If at that point he either hasn't implemented any ideas or his ideas turned out to be bad, then you can act like a bunch of crazies and burn the cities down. I think I am the only one who does not have a strong opinion at the moment. This is the way democracy works. It swings one way then when it gets too far in that direction is swings back the other way. Maybe if everybody is half upset then we're doing it right. Who knows. I'm rooting for the United States and hope decisions are made that make it stronger. Come on Donald Trump you need to be the man.
Tom Steel Worker
  @ 4/28/17 at 3:10pm PST
Other than saving jobs, savings taxpayers money, securing our borders, and fixing the jacked up trading situations our country is in. Come on DWilliams get a clue. Your welfare check will still show up the 3rd of every. We're tired of paying for your healthcare and packing half the country on our back while we still have to support ourselves and our own families. Go get'em President Trump we're behind you.
  @ 4/28/17 at 12:59pm PST
He is not doing anything for the American people. Way over 50% want to keep Affordable Health Care Act; want immigration reform (not the wall), want solar and wind energy, don't want fracking.............want flat tax for American middle cla** (and everyone else)..............
TimeTravelin' Pence
  @ 3/6/17 at 10:37am PST
Wrong! It's not a toupee, that's his real hair.
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