Fairuza Balk Weight Height Measurements Bra Size Ethnicity

2023 Body stats

Fairuza Balk weight
115 lbs (52.2 kg)
Fairuza Balk height
5' 3" (160 cm)
Fairuza Balk body measurements
32B-24-35 in
Fairuza Balk bra size / breast size
Fairuza Balk hair color
Dark brown
Fairuza Balk eye color
Fairuza Balk shoe size / feet size
6 US
Fairuza Balk dress size
Not available
Fairuza Balk body type / build
Fairuza Balk waist size
24 in
Fairuza Balk hip size
35 in

How much is worth?

Fairuza Balk net worth 2023
$3 Million


Fairuza Balk full name
Fairuza Alejandra Balk
Fairuza Balk birthplace
Point Reyes, CA
Fairuza Balk date of birth
May 21, 1974
Fairuza Balk age in 2023
Fairuza Balk zodiac
Fairuza Balk ethnicity / ethnic background
Fairuza Balk nationality
Fairuza Balk religion
Is Fairuza Balk gay?

Education background

Fairuza Balk high school
Not available
Fairuza Balk college
Royal Academy of Ballet in London, UK.
Ramona Beauchamp Agency.
Bush Davies Performing Arts School


Fairuza Balk mother
Cathryn Balk
Fairuza Balk father
Solomon Feldthouse


Fairuza Balk job


Fairuza Balk
sagindie (originally posted to Flickr as fairuza balk) CC-BY-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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  @ 12/16/16 at 10:34pm PST
Fairuza isn't part Swiss either. Where the h**l does this all comes from? Part French, well i doubt it but since she claimed her mother was in part French i won't say that's impossible. Ethnicity: Which is as much as it can be a Religion, mostly true in Hollywood is Jewish. Why would she need that triangle tattoo to show anyway if she was indeed Roma? Just like Winona Ryder changed her name, Fairuza has grown during the 80s and 90s, during when many actors decided to change their names and heritage/origins not to make it look like they were in fact Jews.
  @ 12/16/16 at 10:26pm PST
Fairuza Balk has stated many times on twitter and/or Facebook that she wasn't Wiccan. She's never been Wiccan actually. Yes, she's been interested in Wicca and paganism in general, but she has grown to study religions and found her own faith and beliefs through many of them.

For she owned a store at the time of the Craft (It was actually fashion oriented) it also helped the promotion of the film i suppose. She never during that times said that she was Wiccan herself, but her co-workers and the media described her that way. She's actually born Jewish. People should make research before posting on these sites. Her father, born David Scaff in Idaho, is Jewish but doesn't have any Persian in him. He traveled to the Mid East and lived there during his Youth, changed his name but that's about it. I even doubt he's part Roma like Fairuza claims, but considering that the Roma have been part of Europe since the Middle Age i think that's possible that through conversion, many Roma became Jewish. The Roma persecution, just like the persecution of the Jewish people have lasted and have been somewhat similar. There were in fact many Roma enslaved and killed during World War2. And both Roma and Jewish people, through traveling and suffering these horrible fates, tend to go hand in hand a little like brother and sister or like Lovers if you will.

Ru's mother, for her part is a Gipsy, a Jewish Gipsy i think. She was never Wiccan (Fairuza) and she isn't part Arabic either only for the fact that her name suggests it. See The Waterboy (With Adam Sandler). It was in fact as racist as The Craft in some way making her an Astrologist, when she's clearly not one in real life. Just like it was racist calling her a witch only cause she played one and helped the crew of The Craft with understanding what it implies. She (Fairuza) said in a magasine interview during that time that people that she called "Crazy Christians" would come to her window at times and call her a Witch (Antisemitic).
  @ 1/31/15 at 10:12am PST

We always thought that Fairuza and P!nk resembles one another. Although, it is listed that Fairuza's net worth is around 8 Million, that is a vast difference between the $130 Million P!nk is worth. Wonder if they know one another in real life?

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