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“Interestingly, one thing I've found that neither women nor men give up on is the idea of men as protectors. Even in cases where the woman is earning more, they'll often tell me that if there were a fire or something, they would expect the man to be the one to protect them.”
“On the one hand, parents want their children to swim expertly in the digital stream that they will have to navigate all their lives; on the other hand, they fear that too much digital media, too early, will sink them.”
“Previously, young children had to be shown by their parents how to use a mouse or a remote, and the connection between what they were doing with their hand and what was happening on the screen took some time to grasp. But with the iPad, the connection is obvious, even to toddlers.”
“Ever since viewing screens entered the home, many observers have worried that they put our brains into a stupor. An early strain of research claimed that when we watch television, our brains mostly exhibit slow alpha waves - indicating a low level of arousal, similar to when we are daydreaming.”
Hanna Rosin Quotes
“Blog culture has a hard time digesting narratives, but it has an easy time digesting 'big ideas' pieces.”
Hanna Rosin Quotes
“I could do a franchise for the end of everything. 'The End of Dogs,' 'The End of Cats.'”
Hanna Rosin Quotes
“As we get used to women in power, we are likely to discover that they behave much like powerful men - vain, entitled, always looking for more.”
Hanna Rosin Quotes
“Breast-feeding does not belong in the realm of facts and hard numbers; it is much too intimate and elemental.”
Hanna Rosin Quotes
“The general image of a man in an American sitcom is like a complete moron. You'd think the industry was run by a feminist cabal.”
Hanna Rosin Quotes
“To apply for a gifted program, children as young as 4 are required to sit through hour-long verbal exams.”

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