Babe Ruth Weight Height Ethnicity Hair Color Eye Color

2018 Body stats

Babe Ruth weight
215 lbs (97.5 kg)
Babe Ruth height
6' 2" (188 cm)
Babe Ruth eye color
Light brown
Babe Ruth hair color
Light brown
Babe Ruth shoe size / feet size
Not available
Babe Ruth body type / build

How much is worth?

Babe Ruth net worth
$800 Thousand


Babe Ruth full name
George Herman Ruth
Babe Ruth nicknames
The Bambino,
The Sultan Of Swat
Babe Ruth birthplace
Baltimore, MD
Babe Ruth date of birth
February 6, 1895
Babe Ruth date of death
August 16, 1948
Babe Ruth location of death
New York, NY
Babe Ruth cause of death
Cancer - Throat
Babe Ruth zodiac
Babe Ruth ethnicity / ethnic background
Babe Ruth nationality
Babe Ruth religion
Roman Catholic
Was Babe Ruth gay?

Education background

Babe Ruth high school
St. Mary's (Baltimore, MD)
Babe Ruth college
Not available


Babe Ruth job
Former Major League Baseball Player
Babe Ruth music style
Prog-Rock, Speeches, Album Rock, Hard Rock, Spoken Word


Babe Ruth
By Irwin, La Broad, & Pudlin. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Joe Furlong
  @ 4/14/18 at 4:48pm PST
I once met Babe Ruth in person. I lived in NYC, at Amsterdam Ave and 83rd St. One Saturday morning in mid, late may of 1948 I was walking down 83rd St to play in Riverside Park. A skinny 10 yr old, I see about ten kids about 3/4 of the way down the street, very near Riverside Dr. They were all hooping,hollering and waving up at a couple with their heads out the window of an expensive, red brick apt house across the street, on the uptown side. I look up and see Babe Ruth and his wife, he being on my side. Even at that age I knew who Babe Ruth was. Then he saw me out of the corner of his eye and turned his head to the left and looked right at me,..he being maybe 3 or 4 floors up. I was the only one standing there, immediately his face lit up in a huge, ear-to=ear grin, and then he lifted his right hand and waved at me.
I am now 80 yrs and 4 months old but have never forgotten that moment. To it was worth a thousand autographs. No one can say anything negative about that man to me,..ever !!!
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