Bernie Taupin Dating History And Relationships

Bernie Taupin Dating

Who Is Bernie Taupin Dating Right Now?

Bernie Taupin's partner is Heather Lynn Hodgins Kidd.

Bernie Taupin Dating History

Bernie Taupin has had 5 public relationships dating back to 2003.

On average, he dates people the same age as himself.


Bernie Taupin Girlfriend/Boyfriend List

Heather Lynn Hodgins Kidd
No Additional Info...
Stephanie Haymes
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Toni Russo
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Maxine Feibelman
No Additional Info...
Lynsey De Paul
* Bernie Taupin is 68 years older than Lynsey De Paul.
5 feet

Physical Characteristics From His Relationships

Main Photo: David Shankbone (Own work) CC-BY-3.0 [], via Wikimedia Commons


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