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38 most famous Jackson Browne quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 69 year old American musician born on Oct 9, 1948.

Jackson Browne Quotes
“Like, What is the least often heard sentence in the English language? That would be: Say, isn't that the banjo player's Porsche parked outside?”
Jackson Browne Quotes
“No matter how close to yours another's steps have grown, in the end there is one dance you'll do alone.”
“Right around the end of the fifties, college students and young people in general, began to realize that this music was almost like a history of our country - this music contained the real history of the people of this country.”
“People know more about baseball players' contracts than they do about the policies that govern the fate of our children's lives in twenty years. Think about it. People used to say, the whole time I was growing up, 'Do you want to bring a child into this world?' That's pretty dire.”
Jackson Browne Quotes
“I'd have to say that my favorite thing is writing a song that really says how I feel, what I believe - and it even explains the world to myself better than I knew it.”
“We have an open society. No one will come and take me away for saying what I am saying. But they don't have to, if they can control how many people hear it. And that's how they do it.”
Jackson Browne Quotes
“Very often it's really inconvenient - who you fall in love with. You can't really control it.”
Jackson Browne Quotes
“I've also gotten to play in front of a million people in Central Park when there was a grass roots movement calling for nuclear disarmament - it was about 1982 - they called it Peace Sunday.”
Jackson Browne Quotes
“I grew up reading Shakespeare and Mark Twain.”
“If someone said, 'You can go live in this little town in Costa Rica for a couple of weeks and all you've got to do is sing for us,' I would do that. That's more exciting to me than the prospect of going on some national tour, where you're going to play arenas or sheds every night, because of the crushing repetition of that kind of line.”

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