Jacqueline Obradors Quotes & Sayings

4 most famous Jacqueline Obradors quotes and sayings. She's a 51 year old American actress born on Oct 6, 1966.

“I find cooking very sensual. I love getting in there with my hands instead of utensils. With all of the textures and everything, it's very erotic. Also the time it takes to prepare, and the anticipation and the buildup, you know. Then finally, you get to eat.”
Jacqueline Obradors Quotes
“One of my favorite days, yes. All day, massaging Harrison Ford. That was rough.”
Jacqueline Obradors Quotes
“I love sushi, though I just read something about how you shouldn't eat sushi more than once a week.”
Jacqueline Obradors Quotes
“Harrison Ford's still got it goin' on. He's very sexy in that manly-man kind of way.”

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