Maksim Chmerkovskiy Quotes & Sayings

15 most famous Maksim Chmerkovskiy quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 38 year old Ukrainian dancer born on Jan 17, 1980.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Quotes
“I am a hopeless romantic who falls in lust and gets in trouble. I love my work and am very productive, yet I always find time to play.”
“I never wanted to be a dancer. I was too big, I was too slow. I remember not liking it. Later on, when I came to the United States, I realized I had a skill, and when you come to this country, you realize if you have a skill and a determination, you can do anything.”
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Quotes
“I spent a lot of time taking acting lessons... Actors have no inhibitions, and I'm inhibited by everything. To be able to make fun of yourself is a skill and a liberating experience.”
“When I first joined 'Dancing with the Stars,' I did not want to do it. It's not what I like, it's not what I believe in... the judges are fake, this is fake, that is fake... there is not a lot of reality.”
“There's no better exercise than dancing. 'Dancing with the Stars' is amazing. I used to take it for granted, but the three months you spend on the show, with that grueling regimen, you just shed weight. You can eat anything you want and it doesn't stick.”
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Quotes
“As a dancer, obviously, we are all inspired by Michael Jackson, and I always looked up to Gene Kelly. He was a bigger version of Fred Astaire, and he was amazing as well.”
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Quotes
“I would love to be a dad. For the longest time, I've wanted kids, but you have to have the right setup, right?”
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Quotes
“I'm an emotional person. I may not seem that way, but I'm an emotional person.”
Maksim Chmerkovskiy Quotes
“Listen, I'm a sweet guy. I'm just intense at work. I have nothing but the end result in mind. My entire career has been like that.”
“Dancing has been in us, in people, since the Neanderthal age. There's something about moving, something about interpreting yourself to the music, that's attractive, that's interesting, that's intriguing, and everyone wishes they could do that.”

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