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Nikki Ziering Dating

Who Is Nikki Ziering Dating Right Now?

Nikki Ziering's current boyfriend is Rick Reynolds.

Nikki Ziering Dating History

Nikki Ziering has had 3 public relationships dating back to 2007.

On average, she dates men 8 years older than herself.


Nikki Ziering Boyfriend List

Rick Reynolds
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Paul Danan
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* Nikki Ziering is 8 years younger than Ian Ziering.
6 feet

Physical Characteristics From Her Relationships

Main Photo: Jerry Shandrew. (Image e-mailed to uploader (User:Videmus Omnia) with GFDL license, in response to an e-mail request to the "Contact" address of her PR Manager on her website.) CC-BY-SA-3.0-migrated, via Wikimedia Commons


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