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Patty Hearst Quotes
“For me, my awakening came when I was kidnapped.”
Patty Hearst Quotes
“I mean, they call it Stockholm Syndrome and post traumatic stress disorder. And, you know, I had no free will. I had virtually no free will until I was separated from them for about two weeks.”
“I frankly don't think it's going to be a successful war on terrorism until law enforcement agencies like the FBI are willing to share with other law enforcement agencies. If they can't share information, there's no way this war can be won.”
Patty Hearst Quotes
“I finally figured out what my crime was. I lived. Big mistake.”
Patty Hearst Quotes
“There is - you know, there's receipts for rented cars and license plates and guns and hand prints and palm prints and fingerprints. You know, I want to wait until I'm in a court.”
“But even before that, in 1980 I went so far as to write a book about what had happened. And I wrote all about the bank robbery, I went ahead and printed it even though I had no use immunity for it.”
“There are two other SLA members who have been granted immunity and then also, one of the SLA members had confessed to two other people, and those people, I'm sure, will be called as witnesses, as they were at the grand jury.”
“And for any victim of a violent crime, when you actually get to go in and realize and see their faces and know that they can't hurt you any more, there is no feeling like that. It finally frees you from a lot of demons.”
Patty Hearst Quotes
“I was not inside the bank. But I am still not the only witness.”
Patty Hearst Quotes
“Through my mind, is just the horror of these people. I had been held by them, I knew how violent they were.”

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