Rachel Ticotin Quotes & Sayings

3 most famous Rachel Ticotin quotes and sayings. She's a 59 year old American actress born on Nov 1, 1958.

Rachel Ticotin Quotes
“If you care about yourself and what you do, you get nervous about it. You just don't take the money and go home.”
Rachel Ticotin Quotes
“I'm more interested in my life than I am in my career. I don't want to not work. I do enjoy working, but not to the point where that's the only thing I focus on.”
Rachel Ticotin Quotes
“My mother's Puerto Rican and my father's Russian-Jewish, so we consider ourselves to be Jewricans or Puertojews. I think Puertojew sounds like a kosher bathroom, so I prefer Jewrican.”

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