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22 most famous Samuel Barnett quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 38 year old British actor born on Apr 25, 1980.

Samuel Barnett Quotes
“Are men and women different creatures? Do we feel things differently? Being a man, I can't know what a woman feels.”
“Like the Elizabeth I play, Queen Elizabeth is a monarch who actually moves with the times. She gets new information, assimilates it, and changes in order the fit in with the way the world is moving. I admire that.”
Samuel Barnett Quotes
“I really admire paintings that look like an actual snapshot - I think that's just extraordinary.”
“I guess I've grown to admire Queen Elizabeth II more. I've always struggled with my feelings about the Royal Family. I am a supporter. I'm not someone who thinks we should get rid of them. But what I've struggled with is the lack of emotionality that the Queen seems to share.”
“I've definitely learned that if you want to have power as a woman in Shakespeare's time, and it's still relevant today, that you have to play a different game than men play, and you have to be a lot cleverer.”
“Journalists have sometimes looked to my Twitter account and quoted me from there, and that's fine because that's public domain. I know exactly what I'm doing when I post something on Twitter; in a way, it's saying, 'This is who I am, and I don't have anything to hide.'”
Samuel Barnett Quotes
“This industry isn't fair. It doesn't owe anybody a career. It's just about luck, determination, and showing up and being professional. The rest is out of your hands.”
Samuel Barnett Quotes
“I feel like I've gotten more than a lot of people will ever get. I feel very fortunate.”
Samuel Barnett Quotes
“I have been out of drama school for 13 years, so there are 13 years' worth of graduates behind me.”
Samuel Barnett Quotes
“I have my own faith which I've developed. It's non-denominational. I don't even know if it's about God.”

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