Vanessa Morgan Quotes & Sayings

4 most famous Vanessa Morgan quotes and sayings. She's a 26 year old Canadian actress born on Mar 23, 1992.

Vanessa Morgan Quotes
“I booked my first series when I was 13. Acting kind of took control because I was just going from part to part at that point.”
Vanessa Morgan Quotes
“I definitely understand what it's like not having family around when you want them there, but you don't live in the same city.”
“I was in a music class when I was little, and they discovered I had a talent and could sing. From there, I joined this singing troupe in California, and I would just go sing at festivals in this girl group and perform as much as I could.”
“My mom helped me get started when I was younger. I started with singing. An agent saw me singing on stage at the Palm Springs Festival, and recommended I get into acting, so I was like, 'Oh, okay.' I just started from there, singing and acting.”

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