Kim Kardashian Weight Height Net Worth Measurements Bra Size

2024 Body stats

Kim Kardashian weight
140 lbs (64 kg)
Kim Kardashian height
5' 3"
Kim Kardashian body measurements
34-26-40 in
Kim Kardashian bra size / breast size
Kim Kardashian hair color
Kim Kardashian eye color
Dark Brown
Kim Kardashian shoe size / feet size
7 US
Kim Kardashian dress size
Kim Kardashian body type / build
Kim Kardashian waist size
26 in
Kim Kardashian hip size
42 in
Does Kim Kardashian have breast implants?

How much is worth?

Kim Kardashian net worth 2024
$105 Million. She made most of her money from the TV show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." She's also made some dough through endorsements, public appearances, and her fashion line. Her annual salary is estimated at $25 - $30 million per year. Also, her net worth combined with Kanye West's is about $250 million.


Kim Kardashian full name
Kimberly Noel Kardashian
Kim Kardashian nicknames
Kim K,
Kimmy Kakes,
Keeks West
Kim Kardashian birthplace
Los Angeles, California, USA.
Kim Kardashian date of birth
October 21, 1980
Kim Kardashian age in 2024
Kim Kardashian zodiac
Kim Kardashian ethnicity / ethnic background
Armenian; Native American,
Kim Kardashian nationality
Kim Kardashian religion
Roman Catholic
Is Kim Kardashian gay?

Education background

Kim Kardashian high school
Marymount High School
Kim Kardashian college
Didn't attend


Kim Kardashian mother
Kris Jenner
Kim Kardashian father
Bruce Jenner ,
Robert Kardashian
Kim Kardashian brothers
Robert Kardashian Jr,
Brody Jenner (step-brother),
Brandon Jenner (step-brother),
Burt Jenner (step-brother)
Kim Kardashian sisters
Kourtney Kardashian,
Khloe Kardashian,
Kendall Jenner (half-sister),
Kylie Jenner (half-sister),
Casey Jenner (step-sister)


Kim Kardashian job
Television Personality,
Kim Kardashian agent / talent agency
WME Agency


Kim Kardashian favorite bands
Lady Gaga,
Kanye West,
Kim Kardashian favorite song
Mercy by Kanye West
Kim Kardashian favorite movies
Beauty and the Beast,
Christmas Movies,
Kim Kardashian favorite tv show
Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Kim Kardashian favorite book
Kardashian Konfidential
Kim Kardashian favorite food
Kim Kardashian favorite colors
Pink, Red, Black
Kim Kardashian pets
Mercy (persian cat) [2012-2012] RIP


Kim Kardashian
By Luke Ford [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Kim Kardashian Measurements and Plastic Surgery

Kim Kardashian is well known for her voluptuous measurements. No one has a natural body with curves like that though. It's believed that she may have gotten butt implants or butt injections to spruce up her back side. In addition to that, it's believed she's gotten breast implants, Botox and a nose job. The butt implants and breast implants are the two things that would have definitely alter her measurements though. What do you think Kim Kardashian's measurements would look like without those?

Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian Measurements

Kim Kardashian Rating

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  @ 5/2/17 at 1:41pm PST
She really is a stunning woman and has made a huge business for herself. Probably not the career path I would have picked for my daughter but I'm sure Kim has a much higher net worth than my daughter. Now that doesn't mean she's happier. I think she has had some tough times in her life and has really turned out just fine. Think about her father dying, step father decided he wanted to be a step mother, ha. Anyway she's beautiful hope she is happy.
  @ 4/28/17 at 1:39pm PST
What happened to Kim Kardashian? We haven't heard from her in a bit. Used to be every time you got online bang there wash Kim's butt and husband and kids and whatever else. I guess she had that scare in Paris, that would rattle you I guess. Also I think she finally figured out she married a complete mental case. Kanye always seems like he's hanging by a thread just to keep the train on the tracks. No idea what she saw in that guy. She didn't need the money. I'm sure there's a lot of good guys out there that would have been happy to date her and possibly marry her. She still looks great and even at 5 foot 3 inches tall is one of hottest and curviest women in the news. I wish her the best. Maybe stepping back out of the lime light is best for her and her kids.
  @ 2/21/17 at 11:11am PST
Kim Kardashian (and all of the family, for that matter) are a waste of TV space and should all be banned from the airways for extreme lack of interestingness and the promotion of pettiness, greed and stupidity. Her body is a manufactured nightmare.
  @ 11/10/15 at 10:06pm PST

Kim Kardashian's measurements are obviously fake. The amount of plastic surgery she's gotten is insane: nose job, breast implants, butt implants (obviously), Botox (she's admitted to this and it was on Keeping up with the Kardashians), and more. I'd want to see her measurements before butt injections or her boob job.

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