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19 most famous Laura Fraser quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She's a 47 year old Scottish actress born on Jul 24, 1976.

“I suppose I'd always been attracted to commitment-phobes because some part of me felt unlovable. It was a lot easier to fall for a guy who I knew, on some level, wouldn't fall in love with me. There was nothing to risk. The real risk would be to finally be vulnerable to love.”
“I think I've played a lesbian about five times. The first one was with Helen Baxendale in a drama called 'The Investigator,' about the conditions lesbians had to live under in the army in Britain, which was based on a true story.”
Laura Fraser Quotes
“Both of my parents had a change of career. My mum was a nurse, and now she's a college lecturer.”
Laura Fraser Quotes
“I found it hard being a full-time mum and take my hat off to anyone who can do it.”
Laura Fraser Quotes
“I'm not a long-term member of the 'Breaking Bad' family.”
Laura Fraser Quotes
“You don't put milk in chamomile tea - that's disgusting behavior! That's not right.”
“I've been a jealous person myself. I've been distrustful, convinced that somebody's having an affair with somebody else. If you believe it in your head, everything looks like a lie. When you're looking for it, you always see it - even the change of expression in their face.”
Laura Fraser Quotes
“It does seem to produce more creative results when there are limitations. It's like in wartime with rations - people became more inventive with cooking.”
“I still have a fear of theater. I don't know if I will manage that. I used to do it. I developed a bit of a phobia. It's not a real phobia. I can go in and watch.”
Laura Fraser Quotes
“It's mad what each generation vilifies. It's not necessarily to do with logic.”

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