Madeleine M. Kunin Quotes & Sayings

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“When all the world appears to be in a tumult, and nature itself is feeling the assault of climate change, the seasons retain their essential rhythm. Yes, fall gives us a premonition of winter, but then, winter, will be forced to relent, once again, to the new beginnings of soft greens, longer light, and the sweet air of spring.”
Madeleine M. Kunin Quotes
“A skilled worker, regardless of the job description, remains a treasure.”
“To make flexibility work, it is not only necessary to change our attitude about who is a good worker and who is not, but we have to train managers at all levels to recognize the difference between the number of hours worked and the quality of work produced.”
Madeleine M. Kunin Quotes
“Why are video games so violent? The ones I've seen remind me of the 4th of July, with everything exploding, buildings, cars, airplanes, men and women. Kill, kill, and kill for sport and entertainment.”
Madeleine M. Kunin Quotes
“We see the world through the lens of all our experiences; that is a fundamental part of the human condition.”
“One reason the United States is one of three countries in the world that do not have any form of paid maternity leave is that many American business leaders, like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, oppose any family-friendly policies. They scare people into thinking maternity leave will be a job killer.”
Madeleine M. Kunin Quotes
“Contradictory as it seems, malnutrition is a key contributor to obesity.”
“Why is computer science a good field for women? For one thing, that's where the jobs are, and for another, the pay is better than for many jobs, and finally, it's easier to combine career and family.”
Madeleine M. Kunin Quotes
“If months were marked by colors, November in New England would be colored gray.”
“Every time a woman leaves the workforce because she can't find or afford childcare, or she can't work out a flexible arrangement with her boss, or she has no paid maternity leave, her family's income falls down a notch. Simultaneously, national productivity numbers decline.”

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