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9 most famous Parker Young quotes and sayings. He's a 35 year old American actor born on Aug 16, 1988.

Parker Young Quotes
“I read somewhere that abs are made in the kitchen, and I'd like to agree. I like to think that I try to eat pretty clean, pretty good food.”
Parker Young Quotes
“I actually was the captain of the football team. I went to Catalina Foothills High School, and I played football all four years. I started on Varsity my sophomore year, and senior year I was captain.”
Parker Young Quotes
“I love making smoothies post-workout. My favorite - depending on the day - is either a chocolate whey protein shake with banana and peanut butter, or one with vanilla and berries.”
“I've dated girls that aren't, this is gonna sound so horrible, that aren't super smart, but they still are super confident, and that's more what I've been attracted to is the confidence and the sense of humor.”
Parker Young Quotes
“Dinner for me is usually some version of chicken or fish - I love salmon - with grilled vegetables and salad.”
Parker Young Quotes
“The big challenge is looking ripped and lean without being too big because on camera, it's easy to appear thick.”
“I go to this gym in Hollywood: it's a Cross Fit gym. It's basically just a really high intensity, sort of, athletic movements. I'm sure Cross Fit is going to be mad at me for not giving their definition of what Cross Fit is.”
Parker Young Quotes
“I'd love to go back to school for philosophy. I love philosophy, so I'm always reading philosophy books, annoying my girlfriend with that type of stuff.”
“In theory, I stick to how I could eat if I lived a thousand years ago. I take processed foods off the menu, and stick to things I could hunt or gather, with more fruits , vegetables, and nuts - and less meat.”

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