Patrick Duffy Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Patrick Duffy quotes and sayings page 2 (75 year old actor). Here's quote # 11 through 20 out of the 23 we have for him.

Patrick Duffy Quotes
“Los Angeles is peopled by waiters and carpenters and drivers who are there to be actors.”
Patrick Duffy Quotes
“It's as simple as you can explain all of 'Dallas.' We're a dysfunctional family forced to stay together.”
“Cooking and eating at home is made even better by the fact that you don't have to worry about driving after a couple of bottles of very nice wine. For me that's the ideal combination: working hard and enjoying the fruits of your labour.”
“When I was on 'Dallas,' I was known to audiences of the '80s. And then when my sons, who are in their 30s now, were going to college, 'Dallas' was the cult thing to watch because it was being done on the soap channels, so a whole new generation saw it. And then I have the young fans that knew me from 'Step By Step' in the '90s.”
Patrick Duffy Quotes
“I had a lump on my face and had a big cancer thing removed.”
Patrick Duffy Quotes
“It's great to be able to do shows like 'Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door,' which I think is entirely too long of a title.”
Patrick Duffy Quotes
“There's nothing I like more than picking fresh vegetables then putting them in the dinner you make that night.”
“I saw this thing years ago, where somebody filled a gymnasium with ping-pong balls and mousetraps. And then somebody threw just one more ping-pong ball in there, and literally, in five seconds, the room was popping. And then it was dead. And that's how it was with 'Dallas.' Just... 'boom!'”
“I come from an alcoholic Irish background - I know where I was going! But I met my wife and started to practise Buddhism, which is a levelling experience for me, and there hasn't been a day I've missed in 40 years. I apply it to everything - to my work and relationships. I try to be a compassionate person.”
“I lead a normal life and I don't assume there is anything I can impart to people. The only reason to write a book would be to make money, and I don't want to do that. To write a book would be going against how I've lived.”

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