Angus Young Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Angus Young quotes and sayings page 2 (66 year old musician). These are the last 9 out of 19 quotes we have for him.

“Actually, because I'm so small, when I strike an open A chord I get physically thrown to the left, and when I play an open G chord I go right. That's how hard I play, and that's how a lot of my stage act has come about. I just go where the guitar takes me.”
Angus Young Quotes
“Yes, we're still five little people with a noisy attitude.”
Angus Young Quotes
“My part in AC/DC is just adding the color on top.”
Angus Young Quotes
“A lot of people say, 'AC/DC - that's the band with the little guy who runs around in school shorts!'”
Angus Young Quotes
“Soloing was pretty easy for me because it was probably the first thing I've ever done.”
“A lot of times you'll hear bands and it's a different sound coming out than what's on stage. Because you can clean it up through a PA and make it sound completely different than what they really sound like.”
“I honestly believe that you have to be able to play the guitar hard if you want to be able to get the whole spectrum of tones out of it. Since I normally play so hard, when I start picking a bit softer my tone changes completely, and that's really useful sometimes for creating a more laid-back feel.”
Angus Young Quotes
“I wouldn't know any newer bands. We're past the pimple stage.”
“That's usually what happens with AC/DC: you make an album, and then you're on the road flat out. And the only time you ever get near a studio is generally after you've done a year of touring.”

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