Ashlee Simpson Quotes & Sayings (Page 3)

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Ashlee Simpson quotes and sayings page 3 (37 year old musician). These are the last 4 out of 24 quotes we have for her.

“I knew that people were going to talk about it, I knew it was embarrassing, and I knew it was a big deal. But did I think that it was going to be this thing that followed me for, you know, the next years to come? I guarantee you, 25 years from now, I'll be known as the girl that lip synced on 'SNL.' But, you know, it was a weird thing. Not fun.”
Ashlee Simpson Quotes
“I've always been a rocker. Like ever since I was really young. I had a crush on the Green Day guys. That's always been what I was like and been my interest.”
Ashlee Simpson Quotes
“I took some me time. I think that's a really important thing to do for yourself, especially in this business. And now I feel like I'm in a really good, positive place in my life.”
Ashlee Simpson Quotes
“Once when I was 16 I had my car taken away from me for being past curfew. Oh, and I said a bad word once, and I actually did get my mouth washed out with soap.”

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