Birdy Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Birdy quotes and sayings page 2 (26 year old musician). These are the last 6 out of 16 quotes we have for her.

Birdy Quotes
“I've never spoken to Bon Iver, but I would love to. I'm a huge fan!”
“My mom's a concert pianist, so she started teaching me when I was around seven. When I was eight, I started writing my own songs, and kinda started putting piano and singing together. But I'm trained classically, which is a big influence on me, I think.”
“It's quite hard to have your mom as a teacher - it's like, she's not necessarily a 'real teacher' for me. But she'd always teach me to really hear the music, and develop my ear, and to try and hear the harmonics of the piano.”
Birdy Quotes
“I would love to work with Paolo Nutini because he is so soulful and an amazing songwriter.”
Birdy Quotes
“I've started to get used to traveling a lot and performing, but still everything has grown so quickly and is very exciting!”
“I've had to ban my mum from coming to see me play. She gets so nervous before any show. I've always got a few nerves but she's so much worse than me. You'd think she'd be able to handle that kind of situation. After all, she is a concert pianist.”

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