Candis Cayne Quotes & Sayings (Page 2)

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Candis Cayne quotes and sayings page 2 (actress). These are the last 7 out of 17 quotes we have for her.

Candis Cayne Quotes
“When I admitted I needed to grow old as a woman, it was a relief.”
Candis Cayne Quotes
“You can't form a character without being completely comfortable with who you are as a person.”
“I knew I could never be an actor as a man. It just doesn't work, you know? And so when I was doing drag, I realized I could do that kind of stuff, and then when I was transitioning, I kind of gave up on the whole thing because I didn't think that this time would ever come, you know?”
“In the first couple of years when you're transitioning you don't really fit into any gender, because you're changing over. You have to start getting electrolysis before you even start your therapy. But I think all the weird looks help to give you conviction in who you really are.”
“My first conscious thought of 'I should be like that and not like this' was probably at about six, and I was playing with... I have a twin brother, and we were playing with our twin cousins, who are a boy and a girl.”
“There have been actresses who transitioned and nobody knew. But for me, with everybody knowing my history, it will be harder. I'm sure there are some great scripts calling for an ultra-glamorous woman. And I'm prepared to be ultra-glamorous.”
Candis Cayne Quotes
“When I told my parents that I was starting my transition, my Dad said, 'Well that makes so much more sense 'cause I never saw you any other way and now it totally works.'”

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