Carlos Ghosn Quotes & Sayings (Page 7)

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Carlos Ghosn quotes and sayings page 7 (68 year old businessman). These are the last 6 out of 66 quotes we have for her.

Carlos Ghosn Quotes
“When I come to a design decision, people know that is that.”
“We have some worse scenarios for which we need to prepare as companies. For the moment, we're planning for the worst, and the worst is now, and the car market is down more than 15 percent in France. There is so much uncertainty.”
“We are still keeping, as much as we can to the one million commitment that we made, hoping that at a certain point in time, the headwinds represented by the strength of the yen will be a little bit less strong.”
“If we come to the conclusion after 90 days that the synergies are big enough to justify the efforts, then we can go to the second step, which consists of saying: what would be the best organization and conditions - including shareholdings - in order to make sure the synergies happen.”
Carlos Ghosn Quotes
“In most companies people make a specific contribution to the company in their function. But it is not expressed in terms of profit, only in terms of performing their function better.”
Carlos Ghosn Quotes
“What I worry about is not just Nissan, but Japanese manufacturers losing motivation to maintain production in Japan. The high yen is definitely a headwind.”

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