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7 most famous Dean Geyer quotes and sayings. He's a 36 year old South African musician born on Mar 20, 1986.

Dean Geyer Quotes
“Over the years, I've had a few roles where I've had to take my shirt off. I've kind of been the 'shirt-off' guy.”
Dean Geyer Quotes
“I think my time on 'Australian Idol' really helped train my voice for a lot of genres.”
Dean Geyer Quotes
“I've never liked having like a set kind of schedule of training. Even when I was doing guitar lessons, I never used to practice.”
Dean Geyer Quotes
“I am a songwriter at heart, and I feel like I would, in the future, write songs for other people. I don't think I want to pursue it for myself, for a solo career.”
“I literally came out of high school thinking that I was going to do something in the sports world because I grew up with a very sports-oriented family. My last year of school, I got involved with playing guitar and singing, and I joined a band and I just decided that year somehow that I was going to play music.”
“I've always been one of those people that, if I am angry, I just hold it in. And I always kind of, like, wrote it in a song and put it aside for myself because it helps me get it out. It's almost like exercising; it's almost like that for me.”
Dean Geyer Quotes
“I've always played nice guys, so I'd love to be someone that creates a bit of confrontation. I know that sounds bad, but as an actor, I want to explore different things.”

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