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Dvora Omer birthplace
Kibbutz Ma'oz Haim, Palestine Mandate
Dvora Omer date of birth
October 9, 1932
Dvora Omer date of death
May 2, 2013
Dvora Omer location of death
Not available
Dvora Omer cause of death
Not available
Dvora Omer zodiac
Dvora Omer ethnicity / ethnic background
Not available
Dvora Omer nationality
Dvora Omer religion
Not available
Was Dvora Omer gay?
Not available

2022 Body stats

Dvora Omer weight
Not available
Dvora Omer height
Not available


Dvora Omer
belongs to the family (belongs to the family) [CC-OTRS-INDEX.PL?ACTION=AGENTTICKETZOOM;TICKETID=7319533 http://https://ticket.wikimedia.org/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketZoom;TicketID=7319533], via Wikimedia Commons
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