Edward Thorndike Quotes & Sayings

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25 most famous Edward Thorndike quotes and sayings (psychologist). These are the first 10 quotes we have.

Edward Thorndike Quotes
“Psychology is the science of the intellects, characters and behavior of animals including man.”
Edward Thorndike Quotes
“Psychology helps to measure the probability that an aim is attainable.”
“To the intelligent man with an interest in human nature it must often appear strange that so much of the energy of the scientific world has been spent on the study of the body and so little on the study of the mind.”
“Human beings are accustomed to think of intellect as the power of having and controlling ideas and of ability to learn as synonymous with ability to have ideas. But learning by having ideas is really one of the rare and isolated events in nature.”
Edward Thorndike Quotes
“The real difference between a man's scientific judgments about himself and the judgment of others about him is he has added sources of knowledge.”
“There is no reasoning, no process of inference or comparison; there is no thinking about things, no putting two and two together; there are no ideas - the animal does not think of the box or of the food or of the act he is to perform.”
Edward Thorndike Quotes
“Human education is concerned with certain changes in the intellects, characters and behavior of men, its problems being roughly included under these four topics: Aims, materials, means and methods.”
Edward Thorndike Quotes
“The un-conscious distortion of the facts is almost harmless compared to the unconscious neglect of an animal's mental life until it verges on the unusual and marvelous.”
Edward Thorndike Quotes
“The restriction of studies of human intellect and character to studies of conscious states was not without influence on a scientific studies of animal psychology.”
“It will, of course, be understood that directly or indirectly, soon or late, every advance in the sciences of human nature will contribute to our success in controlling human nature and changing it to the advantage of the common weal.”

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