Anne Hathaway Quotes & Sayings

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38 most famous Anne Hathaway quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She's a 41 year old American actress born on Nov 12, 1982.

Anne Hathaway Quotes
“Loneliness is my least favorite thing about life. The thing that I'm most worried about is just being alone without anybody to care for or someone who will care for me.”
Anne Hathaway Quotes
“Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.”
“I gave up my struggle with perfection a long time ago. That is a concept I don't find very interesting anymore. Everyone just wants to look good in the photographs. I think that is where some of the pressure comes from. Be happy. Be yourself, the day is about a lot more.”
“I think fashion is a lot of fun. I love clothes. More than fashion or brand labels, I love design. I love the thought that people put into clothes. I love when clothes make cultural statements and I think personal style is really cool. I also freely recognize that fashion should be a hobby.”
Anne Hathaway Quotes
“Kindness is really important to me in finding my own prince - so are patience and a sense of humor. Without those qualities he's no Prince Charming!”
Anne Hathaway Quotes
“Mellow doesn't always make for a good story, but it makes for a good life.”
“My feeling about growing up in New Jersey was, 'How come I'm not in New York?' That being said, I'm older and I have a better worldview now, and so I think I grew up in an incredibly privileged position. The town I grew up in is beautiful. I got a great education, and I'm very grateful for it.”
Anne Hathaway Quotes
“I think relationships are work, but love is a gift.”
Anne Hathaway Quotes
“I'm much happier talking with people than I am flirting with them.”
“Whether or not you agree with Ayn Rand - and I have certain issues with some of her beliefs - the woman can tell a story. I mean, the novel as an art form is just in full florid bloom in 'Atlas Shrugged.' It's an unbelievable story. The characters are so compelling, and what she's saying is mind-expanding.”

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