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Anne Hathaway quotes and sayings page 2 (41 year old actress). Here's quote # 11 through 20 out of the 38 we have for her.

“I look my best after an entire hair and makeup team has spent hours perfecting me. When do I feel my best? When I haven't looked in a mirror for days, and I'm doing things that make me happy.”
Anne Hathaway Quotes
“I've always believed in people's capacity for goodness. I still believe that people are good. What I'm not so trusting about anymore is their relationship to their own goodness.”
Anne Hathaway Quotes
“There's something very addictive about people pleasing. It's a thought pattern and a habit that feels really, really good until it becomes desperate.”
Anne Hathaway Quotes
“I used to believe that love was finding someone who would lead you through the deep water.”
Anne Hathaway Quotes
“I believe I've always been a big believer in equality. No one has ever been able to tell me I couldn't do something because I was a girl.”
“I kind of got my big break with 'The Princess Diaries' and during the press rounds for that everyone asked me: 'Did you always want to be a princess growing up?' And the truth was, no I wanted to be Catwoman.”
Anne Hathaway Quotes
“I love it when people are able to interpret thoughts and feelings on fabric or some kind of material.”
“It takes a minute for me to let my guard down, but once I do and I get to know someone, I'm very open, very trusting. Some might say too trusting, because considering the amount of money that can be made from selling gossip, I could be very easily taken advantage of.”
Anne Hathaway Quotes
“I've honestly been really lucky. My only jobs have been babysitting and acting.”
“What I've observed and what I've imagined - and definitely what I'm hoping - happens as you get older is that there's a mellowing, an acceptance that comes with time. I guess that I'll find out.”

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