Emily Saliers Quotes & Sayings

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6 most famous Emily Saliers quotes and sayings. She's a 58 year old American musician born on Jul 22, 1963.

Emily Saliers Quotes
“Artists and celebrities are citizens, and as such you have a responsibility to keep fighting for justice because there are monolithic power structures and systemic oppression out there.”
“I was never forced to go to church, and there is a lot of beauty in Christianity that I take in my life as a gift, and there is a lot of beauty in other religions. I'm kind of a spiritual mutt.”
Emily Saliers Quotes
“Whenever anybody gets involved in politics, its always exciting for me because we take for granted our freedoms and our abilities to effect change through political activism.”
Emily Saliers Quotes
“I love Decatur. It is diverse, politically progressive, family oriented and I can walk everywhere.”
Emily Saliers Quotes
“I was in a church choir early on and that really helped me musically in terms of chops, learning how to sing harmonies.”
Emily Saliers Quotes
“When I'm home, I cook. I love cooking for people.”

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