Francois Arnaud Quotes & Sayings

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9 most famous Francois Arnaud quotes and sayings. He's a 36 year old Canadian actor born on Jul 5, 1985.

Francois Arnaud Quotes
“The first play that I saw was 'Cyrano,' and I remember going home - I was like nine years old - and trying to learn the monologues.”
“Today, the Pope is only a religious figure. At the time of 'The Borgias,' he was also a political leader, a financial leader, and the head of an army. I think popes are much less relevant today than they were then.”
Francois Arnaud Quotes
“I'm not sure I'll find acting satisfying creatively forever. If you get the good roles, it's great - if you have the freedom to choose your projects and not just do anything and everything.”
Francois Arnaud Quotes
“I didn't act professionally before going to drama school. I don't know if I had the confidence. I didn't think I'd get in when I first auditioned for drama school, and then I did.”
Francois Arnaud Quotes
“I just go wherever work brings me. I share a house with friends in L.A., and I share a house with friends in Montreal when I'm there.”
Francois Arnaud Quotes
“I think there comes a point in probably most father-son relationships where the son kind of starts becoming the parent.”
“As an actor, as much as I'm interested in how you make movies and TV shows, even as a kid, I've always hated making of featurettes and special features on DVDs. I think it breaks the spell.”
“I started studying theater in school, and then I got into drama school at, like, 19, and it was a national drama school in Montreal, and so it was just you and nine other students for three years, and it was really intense.”
Francois Arnaud Quotes
“I watched 'E.T.' when I was a kid every day. Well, not all of it every day; I'd pause it and start over again. But I've watched 'E.T.' about 400 times in my life.”

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