Frank Stallone Quotes & Sayings

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4 most famous Frank Stallone quotes and sayings. He was an American actor who passed away on 11 July, 2011.

“One night I was standing on Third Avenue playing my guitar, when this big Irish policeman came strolling by, and stopped to listen to my singing and playing. When I was done, he politely handed me a ticket for disturbing the peace, while at the same time telling me how much he liked my voice. I wish I still had that ticket.”
Frank Stallone Quotes
“If you get married, you become vulnerable.”
Frank Stallone Quotes
“If you hear Bing Crosby trying to swing, it doesn't work. He swings like a rusty gate.”
Frank Stallone Quotes
“Recording an album and doing it live are like two different animals. There are some people that are great singers live, horrible in the studio.”

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