Geoffrey Ward Quotes & Sayings

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5 most famous Geoffrey Ward quotes and sayings (historian).

“The real Jack Johnson was both more and less than those who loved or those who hated him ever knew. He embodied American individualism in its purest form; nothing - no law or custom, no person white or black, male or female - could keep him for long from whatever he wanted.”
Geoffrey Ward Quotes
“Bill Murray is a wonderful actor, and he's very funny, and I've seen him be serious and terrific.”
Geoffrey Ward Quotes
“I have always had a great interest in visually documenting the past.”
Geoffrey Ward Quotes
“Most filmmakers aren't very interested in history. They worry constantly that people will be bored.”
Geoffrey Ward Quotes
“Books provide context and allow you to think about things over time. Film is like writing haiku; there is an immense amount of pleasure in paring down and paring down. But it isn't the same.”

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