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23 most famous Callan McAuliffe quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 23 year old Australian actor born on Jan 24, 1995.

“I do chores around the house, but I don't get an allowance for them. I wash the dishes and sweep the floor... I'm sweeping the floor quite a lot, and my mum always expects me to get a broom and swagger it across the floor all the time.”
Callan McAuliffe Quotes
“I'm not a big texter anyway. I'm really slow at it and so I try to avoid it to avoid embarrassment, you know what I mean?”
“I can play songs that I hear from a movie and just play it a few times on the keyboard. I will hit all the notes on the keyboard until I find the right key, and then I will play the rest of the song.”
“Hollywood is the place to be for actors - and there's just a big rush when an Australian comes over just because there's less of them. I guess that's just how it is. Like if you pick a pink jellybean out of a jar of green ones it'd be amazing, but if you pick a green one, no one will care.”
Callan McAuliffe Quotes
“I want to be able to have a conversation with people. I don't want to be stupid. I'd like to have a life outside acting.”
Callan McAuliffe Quotes
“I don't want to scrounge around and be homeless, and I want to finish my education.”
Callan McAuliffe Quotes
“I find that you learn from others. It's very much about watching TV and watching movies for me and grasping that way and watching other people act.”
Callan McAuliffe Quotes
“I can run up a wall and do a back flip - that's the most impressive thing that I can do.”
“I didn't really like my Sydney accent - nobody likes the sound of their own voice - and when I was a little younger tried to change my accent gradually. But I've only ever really lived in Sydney and Los Angeles, so I haven't been influenced by the accents of some far-off land.”
“I have a huge Lego collection - I have a really big Lego collection. We're talking pretty darn large. I also have a huge collection of original stainless steel Thomas the Tank Engine train toys. Beautiful little trains; they're my favorite thing in the world.”

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