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3 most famous Cassi Thomson quotes and sayings. She's a 24 year old American actress born on Aug 14, 1993.

Cassi Thomson Quotes
“I'm kind of a tomboy, so I've always had a soft spot for action movies. I would love to do one of those, doing my own stunts and training.”
“I would love to be in 'The Hunger Games.' I'm one of the few people who haven't read the books, because unfortunately, I'm not a big book reader. I do read a lot of scripts and I read the script and I loved it. So, yeah, I'd love to be in 'The Hunger Games.'”
“I've always been a big fan of Rachel McAdams. I saw her for the first time in 'Mean Girls,' then I saw her in 'The Notebook.' I've always wanted a role like 'The Notebook,' this heartfelt love story. I think Rachel's so incredible.”

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