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7 most famous Gene Pitney quotes and sayings. He was an American musician who passed away on 5 April, 2006.

Gene Pitney Quotes
“I'm a performer. I've tried everything there is.”
Gene Pitney Quotes
“I always feel that it's great when you can be happy when you're by yourself. That's not a bad thing.”
Gene Pitney Quotes
“People tell me all the time that I must be so sad. I never was. It's just the way I sing.”
Gene Pitney Quotes
“I was just different. When the other kids gravitated to football or basketball, I went fishing and skating. I was into trapping animals, pheasants and squirrels. Not only was I trapper, I was a taxidermist.”
“Let's say I'm not feeling well, and somebody would say to me, 'Just do an easy show, just go out and do a light...' - I can't! I cannot do that kind of a show. I have to still put 150 percent into it, and it's funny: it's so healing to do that.”
“The thing I always liked best about touring abroad was constantly running into different people, different cultures, different foods. It really pumped up my batteries... I'm constantly playing to a demographically diverse audience... one generation is driven by nostalgia, the next by curiosity. And that's why I have no plans to retire.”
Gene Pitney Quotes
“You have 'listeners' ears' when you're just starting out, and your 'listeners' ears' tell you what will work. You lose those ears later, when you break songs down into production elements too much.”

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