Imani Hakim Quotes & Sayings

5 most famous Imani Hakim quotes and sayings. She's a 24 year old American actress born on Aug 12, 1993.

Imani Hakim Quotes
“I was a big fan of Raven Symone, when 'That's So Raven' was out. I used to say, 'Oh my God, that should be my show!'”
“I just would like to be challenged. I want to push myself to the limit, and constantly challenge myself and grow as an artist. That's where I want to go. Explore different things, different characters, in film, and just everything!”
“I owe my success to my two families. If my father hadn't been willing to make sacrifices for me, I would have never won the role on 'Everybody Hates Chris'. I like working with my television family, too. We have a lot of love for each other.”
Imani Hakim Quotes
“When people say, 'If you could do anything else, what would you do?' I would be an actress. That's something that I would do - I can't see myself doing anything else.”
Imani Hakim Quotes
“I decided that I wanted to be an actress at the age of 7. This is something I've always known.”

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