Isabel Sanford Quotes & Sayings

4 most famous Isabel Sanford quotes and sayings. She was an American actress who passed away on 9 July, 2004.

“I was the only child born to Josephine Perry that survived. Mama had six other children before me, and all had passed very quickly and very young, all succumbing to a combination of illness and disease and the lack of strength to fight off both.”
Isabel Sanford Quotes
“If there's anything in life you consider worthwhile achieving - go for it. I was told many times to forget show business - I had nothing going for me. But I pursued it, anyway. Voila!”
Isabel Sanford Quotes
“I was very comfortable having a steady job on a hit show, and who knew if 'The Jeffersons' would catch on?”
Isabel Sanford Quotes
“I wasn't young, I wasn't pretty, and I was a black woman looking for success in a business where those attributes were certainly not in demand in the 1960s.”

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