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“Genetically, I have tons of musical background in my life. My mother's father was a famous Weimar-era composer, Ernst Toch. My father's mother was the head of the Vienna Conservatory's piano department. It all canceled out in my case. I'm completely hopeless in music.”
Lawrence Weschler Quotes
“I kind of write about visual art the way Roger Angell writes about baseball, which is to say, you're writing about life: it's a somewhat focused, limited terrain in which you write about everything.”
Lawrence Weschler Quotes
“I am able to write musically about the visual. I can pick up tones, I can pick up themes. And I find visual art is a wonderful launching-off place.”
Lawrence Weschler Quotes
“I tend to write about people on the edge who are pushing things out from the edge but who are not necessarily big-ticket items.”
Lawrence Weschler Quotes
“When you're a kid, your first five or six years, you converge all the time. School is about training that out of you, especially universities.”

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