Natassia Malthe Quotes & Sayings

7 most famous Natassia Malthe quotes and sayings. She's a 44 year old Norwegian model born on Jan 19, 1974.

Natassia Malthe Quotes
“I'd like to someday see myself married to my true love and starting a big family, and at the same time still having an artistic job.”
Natassia Malthe Quotes
“Working on my knowledge and education and learning how to become a more talented and wise person make me feel more sexy.”
Natassia Malthe Quotes
“I didn't have any friends, and I never went to the class parties.”
Natassia Malthe Quotes
“It gets boring to me when people talk about clothing brands or what boat they're going to buy next summer.”
Natassia Malthe Quotes
“When I'm in professional mode, I do the best job that I can.”
“I kinda lose my mind in 'Fringe,' or at least my character does. Whenever I'm acting, I tend to accidentally become unable to switch off the character. I'm a little bit of a method actor, but without really wanting to be.”
“I'm very kinesthetic, and when you're that way, you just feel it in your body. I know that other actors think with the logical part of their brain, but I wear my character inside my body, even when I'm away from the set.”

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