Jackie Evancho Quotes & Sayings

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39 most famous Jackie Evancho quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for her. She's a 24 year old American musician born on Apr 9, 2000.

Jackie Evancho Quotes
“My advice would be to follow your dream. Most of my life, I was in second place before I came in first place. I hope that inspired people to never give up.”
“I know that I'm definitely not a big big snob, and I know that at the times that I am a diva I know I'm being a diva. It's kind of annoying to know that you are. Because it's a person I do not want to be. So I'm trying my best not to become a jerk.”
“I have always despised people who thought they were better than others, and I made a promise to myself that I'd never turn into that kind of person. My family also helps to keep me grounded. Whenever I get a 'diva moment,' as they like to call it, they let me know it and say, 'Stop acting like a diva!' They're pretty good at it, too.”
“I still have my school friends who are actually friends. It's nice that they don't think much about my singing career. They think it is cool, and they are happy for me, but they don't really bother me about it. To them, I'm still just the schoolgirl from next door.”
“I just sing. But I have a fun hobby: I love to do archery. I'm pretty good on target. I'm not sure about the distances - maybe only 7 or 10 feet, so far, but I've scored the bull's eye several times, but usually always hit the target.”
Jackie Evancho Quotes
“Anything that I can do with my voice that's good, I'll try to do.”
Jackie Evancho Quotes
“I just wanted to say hi to Pittsburgh as well because I miss it.”
Jackie Evancho Quotes
“I like 'Sponge Bob' and 'The Last Airbender.' I like shows where people get creative to do the impossible.”
Jackie Evancho Quotes
“I normally wear Stuart Weitzman or Kors Michael Kors.”
Jackie Evancho Quotes
“I'm not going to choose between classical, Broadway or pop. I would love to stay where I am now - a mix of everything.”

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