Jaclyn Smith Quotes & Sayings (Page 4)

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Jaclyn Smith quotes and sayings page 4 (78 year old actress). These are the last 9 out of 39 quotes we have for her.

Jaclyn Smith Quotes
“We're traditional and don't do cutting-edge styles, but after 17 years we're holding our own.”
Jaclyn Smith Quotes
“You have to be reasonable with yourself and not feel guilty when things aren't perfect.”
“Cancer stops you in your tracks. It really makes you think about what's important. In a second, life can change. Don't ever forget to say thank you for love and family. What good is your success without them?”
“Did I shop Kmart for clothing? No, I didn't. But I loved that I could be totally involved in the hangtags, the buttons, the commercials and with the designers. Something in my head said 'Yes.' I was adventurous.”
Jaclyn Smith Quotes
“I inherited some Chanel pieces from my mother. I've worn Prada - absolutely. Wonderful designers are inspiring. I also love designers not known. I love a lot of vintage pieces. I am pretty minimal, pretty classic.”
“I've been a fortunate girl: I grew up in a family that loved me from day one. I feel well grounded and lucky from that. So everything else is a bonus, because I grew up in this family that I adored, and adored me, and I think when you have that, you are already ahead of the game in the sense of how you feel about yourself.”
Jaclyn Smith Quotes
“Kmart uses such mass production that they are able to lower their prices. My hose, for instance, is made by the same factory, the same machines, the same threads as the hose made by four top designers.”
“More than 100 million women have worn my clothing and accessories,, and that's so fulfilling. My skincare line proves you don't have to spend a fortune to have beautiful skin. I've loved acting but if I never played another role and just focused on my business, I'd be happy.”
“When I first decided to launch a clothing line, I was pregnant with my daughter Spencer-Margaret, so I looked for a retailer with values that mirrored my own growing family concerns. Kmart is a family store where value-conscious moms shop, so my partnership with Kmart seemed like a natural fit.”

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