Joan Didion Quotes & Sayings (Page 11)

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Joan Didion quotes and sayings page 11 (89 year old author). These are the last 6 out of 106 quotes we have for her.

Joan Didion Quotes
“All of these things we do without children, and suddenly we don't do them anymore, and it comes home to us in a real way, that it's very different to have the responsibility of a child.”
Joan Didion Quotes
“Although a novel takes place in the larger world, there's always some drive in it that is entirely personal - even if you don't know it while you're doing it.”
“Before I'd written movies, I never could do big set-piece scenes with a lot of different speakers - when you've got twelve people around a dinner table talking at cross purposes. I had always been impressed by other people's ability to do that.”
“I lead a very conventional life. I don't lead a writer's life. And I think that can be a source of suspicion and irritation to some people. This was more true when I was living in California, when I didn't lead a writer's life at all.”
Joan Didion Quotes
“Nonfiction is more personal for me. It's more personal in that it's more direct, and actually it's always been more direct, even when I first started doing pieces.”
“Not many people were speaking truth to power in the '80s. I had a really good time doing it - I found it gratifying. It was a joy to have an opportunity to say what you believed. It's challenging to do it in fiction, but I liked writing the novels. I liked writing 'Democracy' particularly.”

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