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60 most famous Joe Perry quotes and sayings. These are the first 10 quotes we have for him. He's a 73 year old American musician born on Sep 10, 1950.

“When I plug in my guitar and play it really loud, loud enough to deafen most people, that's my shot of adrenaline, and there's nothing like it. That's what it's always been for me - to be the flame the tribe dances around.”
Joe Perry Quotes
“India brings out so many different feelings in me. I've been fascinated with India and Indian culture as long as I can remember - ever since the '60s with the Beatles and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.”
Joe Perry Quotes
“The Beatles just changed everything right across the board. They just had that right combination of clean-cut good looks - a cute band - but under that they had a real rock n' roll thing going on.”
Joe Perry Quotes
“Take life on life's terms - one day at a time. And have fun while you're doing it.”
Joe Perry Quotes
“I think people have to be more aware of what the repercussions are of their actions.”
“My Portuguese uncle had a Portuguese version of a ukulele. The family would pull it out after dinner and play Portuguese folk songs on it. I couldn't wait for him to finish so I could get my hands on it. I was seven or eight years old. And he used to have a Fender amp in his house and an electric guitar. I would spend hours making sounds.”
“I'm a Republican, but I'm a Republican from the old school. I was taught that you get what you put into it. You can be anything you want to be if you work hard enough at it, and you can earn your place. That's the old way.”
Joe Perry Quotes
“A band isn't a band unless they're playing together. Otherwise, it's just five guys that are living off their royalty checks.”
Joe Perry Quotes
“Hopefully I'm bringing to rock n' roll the kind of spontaneity that I love, and always believed rock and roll stands for.”
“I collect firearms, and I've got a Winchester, an Indian rifle. It has tacks for every warrior that was shot, like notches on a pistol, and it's got feathers and beads hanging off it. It's like a work of art.”

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