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Joseph Strickland weight
165 lbs (75 kg)
Joseph Strickland height
5' 8" (172.72 cm)
Joseph Strickland eye color
Joseph Strickland hair color
Joseph Strickland shoe size / feet size
Joseph Strickland body type / build
Medium muscular

How much is worth?

Joseph Strickland net worth 2023
$1.6 Million


Joseph Strickland full name
Joseph Strickland
Joseph Strickland birthplace
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Joseph Strickland date of birth
November 9, 1962
Joseph Strickland age in 2023
Joseph Strickland zodiac
Joseph Strickland ethnicity / ethnic background
Joseph Strickland nationality
Joseph Strickland religion
Is Joseph Strickland gay?

Education background

Joseph Strickland high school
Austin Highschool in Chicago, Illinois
Joseph Strickland college
Columbia College of Chicago (1986)


Joseph Strickland mother
Jamie Lee Strickland
Joseph Strickland father
Joseph Harper
Joseph Strickland brothers
Freddie Jr. Strickland, Lawrence Strickland (Deceased), Richard Strickland, Anthony Strickland, Alphonso Strickland, Kenneth Strickland, Maurice Antonio Strickland, Jerkery Strickland
Joseph Strickland sister
Joyce Ann Strickland


Joseph Strickland job
Music Publisher
Joseph Strickland agent / talent agency
Vital Vision Productions


Joseph Strickland
Jamil Chughtai

Joseph Strickland is a screenwriter, producer, and independent filmmaker from Chicago, Illinois. He got his start in music videos featuring local acts of notable blues and jazz musicians, corporate videos and televised programs for cable TV, as well as live Chicago events.

He is the founder and president of Vital Vision, Inc, Vital Vision Productions, and Vital Vision Film Music.

His first independent feature film, a psychological suspense thriller, titled "DUAL MANIA," was shot over a three-year period, from 1996-1999. And the feature, acclaimed during it's production process, was entirely cast by Strickland's wife, songwriter Cat Ellington. through her entity, the Centaur Casting Agency, and catapulted Strickland to fame, both locally, in the independent film community, and within the film industry overall, respectively.

In his professional efforts, Joseph Strickland is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. the National Music Publishers Association. the Independent Film Project, Midwest. the Harry Fox Agency and the Worldwide Who's Who of Executives and Professionals.

As a filmmaker, Joseph Strickland participated as a judge in the 32nd Chicago International Film Festival where he served on the feature film panel. Films highlighted that year included: "The Fugitive," which starred Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, "Slingblade," which starred Billy Bob Thornton and the late John Ritter, and "Twilight of the Golds," which starred Jennifer Beals.

In 1997, Joseph Strickland was invited to be a judge on the adult jury panel in the 14th annual Chicago International Children's Film Festival. His invitation had been personally extended by former Chicago First Lady, the late Maggie Daley.

In 1998, he was invited to return as a judge on the adult jury panel in the 15th annual Chicago International Children's Film Festival. Some of the highlighted films that had been awarded were: "The Island on Bird Street," "Hands Up," and "Bavel's Book."


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